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A Rather Dark Start…

After talking about several Web 2.0 sites today at the history of visual communication class, I remembered my first discovery from deviantart.com. While “favorite surfing” from profile to profile on deviant back in 2006, I met Jonathan Wayshak’s work. It was the black-white illustration of a girl with agonizing expression on her face whose hair being pulled by a big hand. She also was holding a strand of hair with some skin attached to it and the name of the work was “Let Go!” I have always been a little drawn into dark expressions of the human psych. And Wayshak is as dark as it gets.  His works can be very “in-your-face”, “offensive” and even pornographic. Yet it does have a acid humor side to it and manages to create a strong impact most of the time.

Jonathan Wayshak is an illustrator who works freelance since 1996 and does anything from comics to ad campaigns and cd covers.  He also “occasionally paints”. After passing on his name around, one friend who used to be an editor for Trendsetter Magazine in Turkey did a short interview with him which you can find here.   There is not much “official” information about Wayshak on his site and google does not help much either. All I could derive from the  exhibitions that he has been involved with, is that he is considered to be a “neosurrealist”. Wayshak defines his work as “[…] the ramblings of a mad artist. Random drawings, scraps, scribbles, and sometimes, drawings that are a little more finished than a sketch. Let’s just call it “brainstorming.” Call it “crap.” Or you can just let the work speak for itself.”

I guess what is best to do is follow his advice and let his “crap” talk for itself….


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