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With Turkey’s recent ban on myspace.com and ongoing cencorship issues on sites like youtube and 1000 more, the magazine I work for, Bant, decided to do an issue on internet cencorship. To ask for an article contribution, I knocked on Lan Franco Aceti’s door in my university. We talked briefly about what it means for Turkey to have such cencorship policy on internet sites,what kind of public perception is implied when a government decides to ban a site for the social “good” , how does it look to a European eye, and what new ways of challenging such repression is out there for the youth to overcome such silencing… Is changing one’s DNS settings the new political activism ? Or is it just a bypass that allows free websurfing survive?

Lan Franco Aceti’s ongoing art work series turned out to be pretty relevant to such subjects. “The Scream Project” and “Artistic Squatting” series merge text, visual art and virtual space on images taken from google maps. Google maps provides the digital space as satellite photographs of earth with such “technologic fidelity” that it is taken with a  perception of virtual reality by anyone who looks at it. “screams” and “words” of the author enhances this digital space on google maps with artistic manifestations, expressions and affections. To put it in a nutshell, choosing a digital space of such realistic calibre, pinning it with notes, words and images enables the artist to bypass the borders and limitations of geographical space and distance to communicate with his audience on this virtual canvas of earth simulated by new media.

Dig Deeper :  http://www.lanfrancoaceti.com/

p.s: Click on images for exact size.  More artwork from these series can be found in Lan Franco Aceti’s website, under fineart/events.


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